Digital Billboard. Find billboards with the most potential to maximize your ROI. to Media Type. The billboard owner (typically a big company like Clear Channel, Lamar, or Outfront, but sometimes a smaller player) agrees to remove, for instance, 3 billboards in exchange for a permit to either upgrade an existing billboard to LED (which make way more money) or to build a new one. Include a copy of a notarized affidavit signed by the property owner stating permission has been given to erect a sign on their property. Notification when permit is approved; Note: The username and password are required . 1321 N Jeffers. Outdoor Advertising. Make sure that you know the laws concerning a license in the state you are buying the billboard in. 142,000 cars per pass this billboard located right on a major expressway. For Sale (Interstate). Fax:(308) 535-8034. This is a ground lease for a billboard just south of Tampa International Airport. Billboard. District 6 Permit Officer. School Bus Shelter.activities. Outdoor signs and billboards for sale by SignValue, expert outdoor advertising consultants and billboard brokers. Advanced Search Search Within. ReDigi is now before the U.S. Supreme Court in a legal battle over the reselling of digitized copyrighted works. Public Agencies within their territorial jurisdiction. Phone:(308) 535-8031. The revisions to the rules became effective April 19, 2012, and now require rural road sign owners to have an Outdoor Advertising License. Activities in or Along Streets/Sidewalks or That Will Block Streets/Sidewalks An outdoor advertising permit is required for each sign facing (side of sign) of any advertising sign within a controlled area. ... Directional sign for qualifying attractions or. Billboards for Sale Browse outdoor billboards or other outdoor media available for sale. IIA. ... (Billboard). Outdoor advertising is any sign (from billboard to small banner) that is to be controlled (permitted) by IDOT per Title 92 Illinois Administrative Code Part 522 - Control of Outdoor Advertising Adjacent to Primary and Interstate Highways. Panhandlers and buskers (street performers) no longer need a Business Permit or License for activities within the City of Greensboro due to 2018 ordinance changes. IE. Attach the permit to the structure's pole where it will be visible before you leave the site. Price Range. IVB. Billboard For Sale Billboard for sale located in west central Florida. PO Box 1108. Due to the recent changes to Chapter 394 of the Texas Transportation Code, the Texas Transportation Commission has revised the rules regulating outdoor advertising signs. Build the billboard as approved: Pay attention to the permit and its sub clauses, which may hold you responsible for beginning the project within specific time of the permit's issuance. Without this license being in good standing, any sale of a billboard is rendered illegal, as is the permit on the billboard in question. A permit from the Indiana Department of Transportation is required in order to erect and/or maintain any outdoor advertising sign, display or device, except those noted below within 660 feet of … Wallscape. When is a permit required and how do I obtain a permit? Street Furniture. Get a free consultation from us today. North Platte NE 69103-1108. Provide a completed Outdoor Advertising Permit Application with check or money order in the amount of $200.00 (an application for each sign face) payable to the Tennessee Department of Transportation. Search. There are approximately 19,000 permitted signs along controlled routes in Illinois. Annual Rental Income (NOI): From years 2009 through year $57,034 Year 2010 to Year $58,745 Year 2011 to Year $60,507 Requirements. And make sure, if required by the state, that it … Transit Display. License and Permit Fees.