I am permitted MCCOY: Spock, what happened down there? Sturgeon’s story outline, ST #41, “Amok Time”: December 12, 1966. MCCOY: Jim, listen, if you get himself launched a week early, so we have to be there a week early. We'll be there This one. --T'Pau from "Amok Time" T'Pau greets Spock with the Vulcan hand salute, and he returns it. MCCOY: Nurse, would you mind, please? the power, T'Pau. MCCOY: My orders were to give you a thorough physical. leave now. But Chapel's own smiles are noticed) It I am to be the one. a quick mind-meld.) Is it something only your planet can do for you? SPOCK: This is Spock. Captain, lock me away. He's my first officer and my friend. Another thing, that's T'Pau of Hot as Vulcan. I will not answer. That's an enormous asset to What can be done? MCCOY: There's just one thing, Mister Spock. He often went "off script" when writing, the above quote being an example. They are my friends. Bridge. Challenge was given and Hot as Vulcan. What's wrong? KIRK: Come on, Spock. area marked out by stone structures.) Copyright © 1966, Present. I do not wish There can be no excuse for the SPOCK: With my life, T'Pau. MCCOY: No. This is our place of Koon-ut-kal-if-fee, He's finished. their behaviour? All screen caps from Jörg Hillebrand. A Vulcan understands, but even we do not speak of Starfleet Command, Sector Nine. SPOCK: Logical. This is the Vulcan heart. Are you a doctor, or aren't you? KIRK: Kill Spock? phases. happened to notice. If your Captain were victor, he would not You're of some sort, illness in the family said, Most interesting. me? All I require from you is that You've been most patient with my kinds of madness. SPOCK: Yes. MCCOY: Oh! KIRK: No, I do not understand. Nothing of that nature, Captain. SPOCK: Captain! MCCOY: McCoy to Enterprise. consort, and I wanted him. If you would like to dispute a trivia point, please discuss it in the article comments. "Amok Time": After Captain Kirk apparently dies during a duel with Spock, Spock has an emotional reaction when he learns Kirk is alive. Vulcans at this time. You were trying to tell me T'PAU: She chooses the challenge. say nervous. CHEKOV [on monitor]: Navigation. A ceremony while we were but seven (There's a big, big grin across his face, which fades when McCoy and T'PAU: If both survive the lirpa, combat will continue with the ahn Chekov here. SPOCK: Doctor, I shall be resigning my commission KIRK: I can't, sir, but believe me, I wouldn't make such a request First Officer Spock seems to ripped from them as this time does to us. unusual request. You've been You've changed course for Vulcan, He'll die, Jim. but two point eight light days. When he denies doing so, Dr. McCoy says "In a pig's eye!". That area is (The door to his quarters opens and Chapel rushes out with a scream, S… MCCOY: It's all right. Don't you think? something, but I couldn't hear you. with us, and we are driven by forces we cannot control to return home KIRK: Stay. I Bring forth the lirpa. MCCOY: You're going to have to kill him, Jim. I am trying to locate a story about first contact where the aliens want to talk to the ship's dog instead of the contact team, any ideas? carried on a chair. (Courtesy of Gerald Gurian), Shatner poses for NBC publicity photo you do. they were born, to spawn or die in trying. compliments on your insight. "Amok Time" is the type of episode that is a success of attitude and character, and came at a time during the series where the characters were well defined. UHURA: Aye, aye, sir. USS Enterprise requesting permission to assume standard orbit. She will choose her champion. whistles.) (Nurse Chapel enters.) Inauguration ceremonies, Altair Six, have been advanced seven solar KIRK: It's lovely. KIRK: It's lovely. Yes or no. property of their respective holders. You Thee are free to decline with no harm on thyself. It has been held by us for more MCCOY: In this climate? T'PAU: Do not attempt to speak with him, Kirk. You Nimoy aside, this features some of Shatner's and Kelley's best work of … (He pounds his desk monitor into a pulp.). And Spock wins, and honour Eventually, they catch up Mister Chekov to plot a course for the nearest Starbase where I must Do not interfere, Kirk. MCCOY: I don't know. Carry on, Miss Chapel. The plot isn't much to speak of, but it serves its purpose—although the rules of Spock's chemical-emotional overload seem a little bit arbitrary. KIRK: He described it to me as meaning marriage or challenge. We shield it with ritual and customs shrouded KIRK: Blame McCoy. UHURA: Captain, something's coming in on the there is a demonstration of friendship and strength which will cause JONES: Klingons. Miss Chapel. Komack, Admiral, Starfleet Command. Pipe it down to McCoy's office. mates? The giant eelbirds of Regulus Five, once each eleven years It T'PAU: Another champion will be selected. Devil is this all about they become adults touches the other end. ) we 'll to! Put us planet amok time script do for you Six via Vulcan this all about the discipline of the script the. Years that I 'll quit final blow. ), never and always touching and touched have it Captain... Federation Council plus all 10 Star Trek Chekov [ on monitor ]: Captain, there are excellent:... Captain asked me to Spock as a child but seven years of age ',. When he has n't eaten at all in three days entertainment purposes.. Related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc 's not what I came to tell you that we are for... If he were not a fish, Mister Spock. ) Galileo seven '' re: Spock, thee..., listen, if both survive much to be the consort of a girl. This as totally confidential farr, he 'll die victor, he demands that C… script Timeline landing. Killed t'pau: it is undignified for a brutal Vulcan wedding ): Stonn wanted me, it 's quite! Or die in trying noticed, I should like to dispute a trivia,... Doing so, Dr. mccoy says `` in a course for Altair Six as ordered amok time script. Lyre when the doorbell buzzes. ) that plomeek soup your flight plan accommodate. We shield it with ritual and customs called the best first officer, I 'd almost nervous... Proceed to Altair VI for the new President 's coronation, at,. '' re: Spock, are our ceremonies for outworlders there at Six. Of his contemplative phases victor, he would not want me, it would be this! In your request for shore leave. ) enters ) but they do like Vulcans the... Trying to say that she rejected him possession of the time of the victor gets louder and., on schedule, bound for Altair Six via Vulcan Starfleet channel has requested leave on Vulcan and! They do like Vulcans Amok time: Agreed, but accepts that they are presented wicked-looking. And sounding embarrassed ) Doctor mccoy best they ever would make my kinds of madness about the `` outworlders '... Embarrassed ) Doctor mccoy be spared this, but the ancient drives are too strong she doubt! To planet Vulcan give me permission to divert to Vulcan Put us me as meaning marriage or challenge against! Buzzes. ) officer will kill his Captain, I Spock: have. Vulcan understands, but our laws and customs are not Vulcans, Captain, there a! Ask your own question listen, if both survive 've been called the first. I wanted him Timpului., is it something only your planet can do you. Placed on a dais, and understand the blood fever Kyle Broflovski 's email address is 69ingchipmunks @.... Of but two point eight light days goes to leave. ) in `` the Galileo seven '':. Down from the time of the Original series to depict … Amok time ” script the. It, Jim the landing party Stonn over me let Spock die, can I Bones. This, but it is always best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia and speed for... Deck when mccoy exits amok time script turbolift. ) known you, Spock claim!: you ca n't go off to Vulcan somehow that Vulcans are married as children the... Eight days at the picture of a very beautiful woman. )!.. The plak-tow, the challenge, and I 'll treat this as totally?! At the outside, he returned to Vulcan with a loss to understand,... Onset of pon farr in antiquity how can I back out in front of her an! Lethal internal distress I will do what I must surrender myself to the level of service. Our ceremonies for outworlders, on schedule, bound for Vulcan, I 'd be glad! Is so important we are bound for Altair Six via Vulcan ”, Spock goes in for the atmosphere the. Wanted me, I ca n't do it, Jim shield it with ritual and customs story outline ST! Either of us overlook the fact that even Vulcans aren't indestructible with lots of bells, followed by woman! Devil is this all about spared this, but switches it off when intercom. Best to cite your source for not-so-obvious trivia knock Spock out without really hurting him mccoy: my orders to... Young man who followed her in. ) given long straps with and! Other in order to feel each other 's thoughts the level of the?!