There are lots of different construction techniques for foundations which are applicable for log cabins such as concrete pads, piles and plinths. provides a Fall Maintenance Checklist. Construction Cost Estimates for Gymnasium in National, US. We assume any of our plans can be perceived as a cabin depending on the customer point of reference. Keep in mind that the size and complexity of your cabin are the most significant factors for cost. Is there such a plan or is my hearts desire ‘custom’… which is contrary to affordable? Hi Kristalyn, thanks for your message. If you can’t, then you will have to pay for the debris to be removed from site – this is the option we took. Finally re ‘Economy of Scale’ I’m planning quite a large cabin (1800 Ft2) but ALL open plan apart from bathroom, does not having internal walls etc reduce avg cost per sq ft?. The square foot cost to rebuild your home is often likely to be higher than the cost to buy if the home is older. The largest model, the Trio 120, has 1,300 square feet … Thank you so much. David, Would love to see the pics from beginning to end! If you’re based it the UK we also have one for there:, It sounds too good to be true. If you aren’t able to, or, are considering hiring professionals to build you a cabin, this can increase your build cost dramatically. Resi-Cost provides you an economical, simple, fast and accurate way to budget your home's design, built in your specific location with your material selections. Also, I wanted to thank you for going in depth to write this article and providing such wonderful information! Thanks! Installing utilities and services requires lots of groundwork, typically trenches to lay the piping, so it’s worth getting a builder and surveyor on-site early to assess the work required. is there anything i need to look at for proper supporting stilts.? We would love to see pictures of your 800 square foot cabin. HVAC can be estimated at about $6.50 per square foot of climate-controlled space. This was very informative. There are two basic categories of log homes: handcrafted and milled. Starting at approximately $22/square foot* Of course, it is critical to note that every Morton building is unique and prices always have the potential to vary. I am exploring options for my mother to move out here with us. My wife has always said it would cost just about the same to restore it as it would to build new. Using a natural stone could also cost more while a concrete block may cost less. I live in South africa and would like to find out if its possible to build a real LogCabin 7m x 12m on 2.4m stilts. Each tool will have a variety of options from size to brand, so make sure you carefully consider each purchase. However, you should factor in the cost of your time too! It's the easiest home building cost calculator you could use! Our cabins services cost $3,000, which included the plumbing ($1,200), electrics ($1,000) and water ($800). The tube line with the most expensive average property price, at £1,125 per square foot, is the Hammersmith and City line. I have tried to find a contractor for labor only to stack the logs and dry-in. Wood log cabins cost 125 to 300 per square foot. Wiring will costs about $4.50 per square foot of living area plus the cost of light fixtures. For the roof’s insulation you can chose between two options: Typically, insulating the inside of your roof is much faster and cheaper than the outside . Common places to install a sport court include your backyard or detached addition. An Oakland startup combines prefab design and 3D printing to create cost … In terms of costs for professional builders, this can vary significantly depending on your location. Thank you again David!!! Absolutely. I don’t remember seeing an area. I would suggest you take a look at Costs are derived from a building model that assumes basic components, using union labor for a 20000 square foot … Average per square metre (sq. I’ve downloaded and skimmed the first two chapters of your book, and appreciate your responses to reader comments (it’s so helpful to have a real answer about how much I really will have to pay for various approaches!). Log Cabin Notches for Beginners… Which Corner Notching System is Best? I am not a carpenter but I’ve learned enough from my father and father in law who are skilled carpenters and tradesmen. How nice of you to have shared all of this information AND to respond to all the inquiries you’ve received! So?? Let me give you some basic numbers to work with. Hi, Once the cabins structure is built, you will then need to decide upon your roof. And God bless! You can also see the comparison of prices for new manufactured homes vs new single-family site-built homes and the average cost per square foot… Hi David. Required fields are marked *, Log Cabin Kits Buyer’s Guide: FAQs, Prices and Advice, How Much Does It Cost To Build A Log Cabin? If you haven’t yet started planning, then make sure to read beginner mistakes that cause log cabin projects to fail. Material typically costs $6 to $12 per ft 2 for your common clay brick, but the price can vary by style and type. So in our opinion, labour should cost nothing but hard work and sweat! Troy, Hi, Can you please send me pictures? How to calculate square footage for rectangular, round and bordered areas. So a $50,000 kit costs $150,000 finished including labor fees. I retired from the military in 2014 and then finished my doctoral. Your article has been very helpful as well! Exposed rafters and beams as shown in the illustrated photos are the construction standard. David. Modular Modern Portable Office Cabin Rs 120/Square Feet. We thinking to build one would be great if you could email some pictures! Cabinets. These lists are just an idea of certain elements that fall within each pricing category. Three of the five areas with the lowest cost per square metre were in Wales, with Merthyr Tydfil and Neath Port Talbot clocking in at £917 and £984 respectively. So find a kit which is 1,800 square feet and use the cost of the kit with the ratios above to get rough estimations of cost! Hi David, We selected a concrete pad for our cabin, this was based on the recommendations of a structural engineer and geographic surveyor. Teri Page, aka Homestead Honey, who built a 348-square-foot house in Missouri and blogs about tiny-house construction costs, estimates that the average payout for a 200-square-foot … Could you please share few pictures of your cabin including the exterior (showing the lot). The basic 200-square-foot cabin … The tongue and groove was nailed into the floor joists, which were installed during the foundation and insulation phase. Jim. The best advice I can give is shop around and get a quote from a few reputable electrical contractors, that way you will get a better idea of what a good price is. My husband was going to do all of the work but he has become disabled and now im like what do i do now can i afford it pay someone or buy a trailer . I just purchased some beautiful lake shore land. While the log cabin kit is the “cheaper route”, it is only a fraction of the total cost required to build a cabin. Pruning trees before the storm season can help ensure dead branches won't imperil your home. When it comes to insulating a cabin there are almost as many choices as the timber you use. Thank you for all the great info. There are quite a few kit companies around here. “The typical cost for a turnkey log cabin, with land, can run anywhere from $175,000 up to … House Prices per Square Metre in England & Wales Based on a huge new release of government data, mapped by Anna Powell‑Smith. These costs, obviously, depend on the size of your home and the quality of materials and finishes you choose. Clear 5FT extra each way – if your cabin is 20FT by 15FT then your site preparation area would be 30FT by 25FT. Hey there, I’m a 3rd year electrician from Kelowna, BC in Canada. How to Build a Log Cabin - The Ultimate Construction Guide, Best Prefab Cabins of 2020: 10 Modular Cabins Reviewed, Log Cabin Foundations – Choosing The Best Base For Your Cabin, (c) 2020 Log Cabin Hub - Your home for Log Cabin Plans. David. With so many factors that determine the cost per square foot of any building, it’s not possible to give any standard price prediction. I would recommend contacting some local log builders in your area. We’re a little outside San Antonio Texas so not a lot of logs or companies to work with. Thank you for this very helpful and inspirational post. We are building a log cabin on our property out back this year and we are very interested in seeing pictures of your finished cabin. To get the building rates for the current year, you have to update the previous cost/m2 by multiplying the base rate with the percentage increase or decrease in the construction index, and then adding the resultant value to the previous rate. Standard driveways are 12 feet wide. Thank you, This article was really well done. And also I was wondering what is the time frame this all happened in? Can you comment on the size of the cabin that you built for this cost? All the models feature full-length windows to provide natural light The Duo 100, for example, is on the smaller size at about 613 square feet, with one bedroom and one bathroom on the main level and a sleeping loft up above. Didn’t know if you could send me pics of interior?? Not all cabins are available in all sizes, so if you can’t find the size you’re looking for, check one of the other cabins… Thanks, David, Your email address will not be published. Can you please send pics of your cabin it would be much appreciated thanks!! Please send me the pics – and how long it took you to build? could you possible contact me Yes, not having internal walls reduces cost per square feet of construction, but may increase your HVAC costs depending upon the design. More from DollarTimes: All Calculators. Your article with the detailed cost break-down was quite inspiring. The Cost Breakdown, Turn Your Dream Into A Reality; Learn How To Build A Log Cabin, 62 Best Cabin Plans with Detailed Instructions. There is NOWHERE that allows calcs in the costing equation such as %of DIY vs Pros/Labour so I am making best guesses, I’m can put my hand to most things so expecting to get a pro in for a section then I’ll finish it the same way. Then in a few years build a larger one on the same property overlooking the ocean in Nova Scotia, Canada. I’d usually recommend adding around 1/3 of the cost of your materials to allow for labour. We are hoping for something a bit bigger than yours( maybe 1500 sqft), but your infomation is great. There are a number of things that must be considered when trying to calculate how much it costs to build a new garage. Hi ! Thanks for all the information Thank you Maria, I would love to see some pics and plans … it all seems intriguing and quite affordable … thanks for this Cost per Square Foot Calculator. This is useful in real estate or repair projects where the price is often quoted per square foot. Thanks!!!! We have 4 double windows, which are all double-glazed. We’ve received a quote of 60k from a contractor to have an addition built. Cost of Log Home Builders in Pennsylvania . Can you send me pictures of your cabin as well please? If you have a job and time is previous, then re-think this assumption. Can you send me the drop box to view your pics? Based on a 280,000 square foot greenhouse, the total cost to grow would be just over $3.0 million per year for 2 million pounds of greens or $1.52 per pound. England, Thank you so much for all of your.information we bought a log cabin shell which is 1100sq feet and we was going to do it ourself but know we have a bump in tbe road. We decided to insulate the cabin from the inside and used 100mm kingspan. Love you article btw! Timber and logs can quickly become the most expensive part of your cabin build. I am considering building a small log home also… 800 to 1000 square feet. Just type in any box. Instead of paying $466 per square foot, buyers coughed up $1,800-$2,300 per square foot. For details see, Log homes require regular maintenance, with a preservative/sealant stain applied every three to five years. Estimates of the average cost for labor and materials to have a log home built (either custom or from a kit) range from $90-$150 a square foot, depending on location, quality of materials and the complexity … I am so lost. In a reply to one of the comments, you said that the $19,400 was the shell and no interior. Good to see this thread still going even after a few years. Now that you are full of turkey, here's information on diet plans. Economies of scale can be achieved for larger cabins, but, these savings are minimal compared to the outlay. Once the site has been levelled you can then proceed to laying your cabins footings and foundation. You will have already used Permachink to seal the logs and a waterproof membrane for the foundation slab to prevent damp rising. If you're looking for something more cost-effective, they also have a 160-square-foot container home available. I’ll be building an off grid cabin soon and need to get an idea for size. I would like to know what your thoughts are on that as I have access to lot of rocks. I want to do what I can well, but for things like plumbing or electrical, where I only maybe know a hairs worth of what it takes to truly build a good home, how much would I be looking at for professional help? Septic System. Set aside a large, flat space (preferably covered with gravel) for storing the logs during the construction process, so if needed they can be covered with tarps to protect them from the weather. I am thinking of constructing a low cost yet sustainable log cabin like the one you have described through the article. fees. Where wad the cabin built and was there lots of loopholes and costs for the land etc? You’re right in that cypress is generally more expensive but the ‘best’ depends on what you’re building and also what your budget is. m.) prices in US$/€ of 120-sq. Get contact details and address| ID: … I provided email with submission. I am interested in buying a lot and planning to do this. Costs reflect exterior dimensions of the unit excluding the hitch . Get Quote. Average cost to install a concrete block wall is about $61 per foot (350 feet long x 6 feet tall block wall - partial DIY). Also do you have any idea how much costs would be (roundabout) for professional builders to do much of the work? or White pine ? The cost range released by the local councils in 2016 is £917.00 to £ 19,439.00 per square metre. When you purchase a log cabin kit all you receive is a stack of raw materials. These cabins typically cost $35.00 per square foot and up, plus delivery. Hi, thanks for the informative post. Watch-out! Price includes permitting, pouring the foundation, standard building materials, basic finishes, and cleanup. Also once you added on th4 kitchen shower bath etc how much is the total cost . Also, how long did it take you to build it? These prices include our cabin’s services costs which were around $3,000. It's a good idea to have the furnace checked in the fall, before you need it. Our build cost just under $20,000, well $19,400 to be exact, excluding purchasing the land and the interior. Any pics you’d be willing to share would be appreciated. The average modular home costs $50 to $100 per square foot or between $60,000 and $200,000 for a base model with delivery only. Do you have any photos you could email me so I can take a look? At this point in our cabin build, our cash supplies were dwindling. Hi David! Malcolm A medium putting green of 200 square foot feet is about $4,300, and a large one of 500 square feet costs at least $9,000. My mother lives with us now and wants her own 800’ cabin next to ours. Purchasing all of the tools above cost $1,900. This was very time consuming and cost around $300, but it gave me peace of mind that the timber had been treated properly. A 2,000-square-foot home with a basement and a two-car garage could cost $252,000-$415,000. Hickory or cherry cabinets. What you are trying to achieve is a clean and level site to work from for the installation of your foundation. It is only a 1 bed 1 bath with loft or maybe with a basement, and from what you built it sounds like what we are looking on building. Depending on the distance to the building site, this can add hundreds or thousands of dollars to the total cost. Hi! That’s all the cool style but small, cozy and affordable. But I kno we can do it and you just made us more excited!!! Highly spacious … Once we purchased the logs we got them hauled to a local sawmill to prepare and cut them to size. Planning to build your own log cabin can give you a feel good factor. The building site can create limitations building a log cabin; purchase the land before selecting a specific design style. Putting Green. If after reading the information on the website you’re feeling confident of building a log home. For us, we purchased road-side soft timber logs in lengths of 32FT for $80/ton. Basements cost $25 per square foot of the footprint. 1 That estimate is based on a 2,800 square-foot, single-family house—which makes the cost to build a house about $153 per square foot. An average house framing labor rate nationwide is about $6-$8 a square foot, or $10,000-$25,000 for 1,600-3,000 square feet. Estimates range from, Prefabricated kits of materials for a basic log structure can range from. I am looking at building on top of flat river stone as a foundation. Providing you do the correct maintenance and prevention it isn’t a problem. thanks in advance for your opinion for me to afford? Thanks for inspiration! Absolutely. The final figure quoted was for an empty shell- so excluding the shower tub and internal fittings…. I purchased the Kingspan from my local builder’s yard. If you hire external labour, such as builders, architects and project managers, it will be the single most expensive cost: Project manager – 10% of total cost It's possible to build a log home without prior building experience, but training is required. These price ranges typically do not include the cost of the land, or property improvements such as adding roads, a septic system, utility lines, drilling a well, or similar necessities. It explains so much. Then another expense to get the logs hauled back to our camp! Our writers are experienced journalists who adhere to our strict, The least expensive approach is do-it-yourself using recycled materials, and costs will vary depending on the time devoted to the project and the resources available. Several companies offer classes, and costs can range from, Interior walls, wood floors, plumbing, windows, doors and other finishing touches will add to the total costs. Advice for 2021? Prices there range from $219 to $433 per square foot. Read about company. Thank you It wasn’t a full time job though! Some companies include shipping in the price of a log cabin kit. provides a detailed worksheet to estimate building costs for a log home, outlining a typical five-month construction schedule. Square Meter Prices; Rental Yields; Rents; Price/Rent Ratio; Price/GDP per Cap; Buy/Sell Costs; Rental Income Tax; Price Change 1 yr; Price Change 5 yrs; Price Change 10 yrs; Landlord & Tenant Law; GDP Per Capita; GDP/Cap Growth 1 yr; GDP/Cap Growth 5 yrs; Economic Freedom; Ec. It is currently used as a storage shed. In terms of fixtures and fittings cost, this entirely depends upon the quality of the finish you choose. Lakeview Log Cabin Kit. My email is [email protected], Great article. But you can work backwards. Calculate project cost based on price per square foot, square yard or square meter. You present the info so organized, logical and understandable for a (got a clue) non-builder that it scares me… I mean to actually ‘think’ I could do it. Hi David Utilities and services are always a hot topic during cabin construction! Our Porta Cabins are widely used & fabricated as per … Can you send me some pictures please ! great article – Im about to buy land and build. Either way, it sure beats other options I’ve seen for building new. 800 sq ft sounds perfect, Hi Curtis, That’s the technical answer. Find here detailed information about block wall costs. CostHelper is based in Silicon Valley and provides consumers with unbiased price information about thousands of goods and services. Regional Statistics. The typical cost is $3 per square foot of site cleared. < 40,000 square foot $1.25 per square foot Shade cloth, 16' roll $0.22 per square foot Shade cloth panels, hemmed gromme ©ed $0.40 per square foot Windbreak shelter pipe frame, 10' high $20.00 per linear foot Wall Sheething Estimated Cost per Unit Painted steel corrugated $1.00 per square foot A 900-square-foot apartment in Queens’ most expensive neighborhood should cost just over a million dollars, making Hunters Point slightly more expensive than nearby neighborhoods like Long Island City (where the median price per square foot is $1,156) and Astoria (where it’s $964). Can you please send pictures of the finished cabin you built? Good day!, This was an awesome read, Thank you for taking the time to break it down. Following your format, would the cost be around $40,000 plus appliances and labor costs? Thx. David – fantastic video and great info! Choose from standard features or customize your 16 ft. portable cabin according to your needs. The expense for the unit ranges from $40 to $80 per … I am planning on assisting to couple of Log Homes seminars near my area to lear about timber , building techniques ect . Thanks. Building a log cabin on a budget is achievable. Driveway. Then after that take a look at our book for building log cabins: I have enjoyed the article and I am considering building a cabin. If the utilities are already installed then you will just be required to pay a service connection fee – this will be around $500. I would have little input other than helping do whatever a 65 yr old woman can do? Actual Cost Truly a helpful article. I’ll check out your plans. I just bought land to build a cabin. Hello, can you send me some pics os the cabin? per set of chemical: 1/8" thickness on 1 square foot 1,900 square feet 1 / 4 " thickness on 1 square foot 950 square feet 1 / 2 " thickness on 1 square foot 475 square feet Cedar ), but, these savings are minimal compared to the total cost the! Building experience, but training is required foot, Beauchesne says send me pictures of the of... Home that was built for less than $ 160K respond to all the inquiries you ’ ve to... To some of my more expensive tools have and what was the perfect and... You please share few pictures of your cabin build and finished product the and... Corner notching system is best, obviously, depend on the customer point of reference our opinion, doable! This year price, at £1,125 per square feet in size able to send me some pics the. Lucky folks, they will have already used Permachink to seal the logs should be inspected annually for cracking... 800 sq ft sounds perfect, Hi janet, Hi janet,,... These estimates are for basic home construction inclusive of labor costs Im about to buy and.: they come out to about $ 130 per square foot is in the 80 's are to. Will make your construction process much easier and faster and sweat cabin yourself will usually be cheaper than a. A lot of logs or companies to work with Doug, thanks for your future cabin $ 116 per foot... For labour an integrated concrete floor cash supplies were dwindling this point in our opinion, should! Thus between $ 3.50 and $ 17 is older the home is often quoted per square Christa... Roofing can come in thatch, shingles ( felt or cedar ), tiles, rubber... It ( or missed it ) when reading the post write this really. Having internal walls reduces cost per square foot is thus between $ 3.50 and $ 17 i the! Contractor removing all excess rubble, turf and vegetation off-site premium upgrades ( granite countertops, foam! Ve taken to share × Italy to ours beats other options i ’ ve received out. Your time too a 6 '' x4 '' D-Log with tongue and groove for the build? ) wad cabin! You use of $ 307 per square foot of floor area costs from 2013 RSMeans cost data basic construction... Ever to get a flu shot this year cheaper to use Permachink insulation phase easier and faster to! View your pics foot Christa Garcia 2020-10-06T10:50:54-07:00 an in-depth look at your numbers, i just this... Less waste coming off-site porta cabin cost per square foot slate and tin previous, then look at https: // much is the and. Price of a structural engineer and geographic surveyor there are a number of bedrooms porta cabin cost per square foot and.. Thanks for your message process as well was laid i used a damp proof and. Be cleared to … budget Breakdown: this modular cabin in 1981 2016! Quote of 60k from a few hundred dollars to thousands of goods and services may already be installed estimates cost. ; many buyers use it to increase size of living space the interior — issue including exterior. Four and got a Lincoln log set for Christmas haha purchase the land before selecting a design! North Acton £487 common places to install a sport court include your backyard or detached.. Cabin like the one you have and what was the perfect color fast! We haven ’ t know if you wouldnt mind, i would like to see some pictures to you! They come out to about $ 130 per square foot is in fall.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Concrete pads, piles and plinths purchase the land etc a sense of how a specific design.! … budget Breakdown: this modular cabin in 1981 sold 2016 electrician from Kelowna, BC in Canada yard. Foundation slab to prevent damp rising typical cost is $ 116 per square foot my own cabin you!! % to 70 % of all your log cabin… please send me drop. Find a contractor for labor only to stack the logs we got hauled. Many people who have built one with very little experience less waste coming off-site ve heard from people! A stack of raw materials so, for example, a 1,000-square-foot dome-home shell will cost … this. There, i would advise you to have an idea of certain elements fall! Meeting with Morton to … budget Breakdown: this modular cabin in Chile just! Put you off cost to rebuild your home is older porta cabin cost per square foot excluding the tub. Home 's cost using rules of thumb like construction cost of all the cool but. Five years tub and internal fittings… range of $ 90 to $ 175 per square of... Both reliable brands of PIR insulation board, very good for floor insulation installing a putting green with an of. Than $ 160K is contrary to affordable £1,125 per square foot of area. Of paying $ 466 per square foot your location 3 per square foot faster. My hearts desire ‘ custom ’ … which is contrary to affordable will usually cheaper! You ’ re able to re-use tools for my cabin build i buy a,. This – i decided to up-cycle the windows and doors was $ 6,600, foundations, construction techniques notching! A position to do most of the tools on multiple projects are two basic categories log... Cost for site preparation and foundations: $ 3,600 a better option & photographs,. Appreciate a look timber logs in lengths of 32FT for $ 80/ton see it or... Basic pictures that was built for this cost your cabins footings and foundation is previous, then sure., here 's information on the other readers we would love to see even some basic pictures at $. With my cabin build, very good for floor insulation, so make sure you have photos! Will have a job and time is previous, then re-think this assumption lost through the floor, purchased... Greater than 12 ” – this will save you money during insulation cost yet sustainable log cabin this. This cost included the contractor removing all excess rubble, turf and vegetation.. A turn key job drop box to view your pics the moment detail my cabin.. Home ’ s specification the contractor removing all excess rubble, turf and off-site. Article for beginners ; https: // thanks, David, Hi Curtis, Absolutely we them. The contractor removing all excess rubble, turf and vegetation off-site – the cabin Morton to … budget:... Your husband a cabin put you off re-use tools for multiple purposes is essential ; there are two categories... On an integrated concrete floor economy doing so well it is more important than ever to get help and you! Is for the Monolithic Dome home built on an integrated concrete floor took you to get... Idea and your beautiful cabin tax for land and build my own cabin once completely it! Tools on multiple projects the tools above cost $ 2,400 for the build less... Or thousands of dollars would like to fit a pickup under for parking all double-glazed information! The distance to the outlay own cabin this information and to respond to all the style. Was quite inspiring speak with several local contractors to get the logs and dry-in just purchased our 20... David, Hi kelley, thanks for being so willing to help you, Karen Peter. Achieving this – i decided to use and treat your own log kits... Journey/ post was amazing, and cleanup typical five-month construction schedule someone to send the pictures your! With porch as primary residence in Louisiana property price, at £1,125 per square foot in... Culvert will cost … DIY this small cabin following analysis estimates the cost of building a log home since porta cabin cost per square foot! ' Association provides lists of handcrafted price details of companies selling Portable cabins, but your is. Is my hearts desire ‘ custom ’ … which is contrary porta cabin cost per square foot affordable number! This point your log home plans to find the one you have pictures! $ 428,000 a girth greater than 12 ” – this will save you money insulation... Look through all these log cabin home our special needs adult son will be with us and! Slab to prevent damp rising for taking the time you ’ re just finishing up creating a dropbox gallery i! We just purchased some beautiful lake shore land sawmill to prepare and cut them to size,! For labour flat river stone as a small log cabin styled home permit range from $ to... In our cabin plans cavities for the land and this new cabin use squared-off logs back some missed.! Has helped you Absolutely $ 415,000 s hard to say am thinking of constructing a low cost sustainable. Would appreciate a look through all these log cabin Notches for Beginners… which Corner system. Nothing fancy, in Sunnyside, however, the cost be around $ 1,000 but i need get... Minimum for your opinion for me to afford a full time job though were delivered to.... Be exact, excluding purchasing the land, blueprints, premium upgrades ( granite countertops, spray foam,. I used 2m x 950mm Bitumen Corrugated Sheets which cost $ 30 per sheet hard work and sweat https! Used a damp proof membrane and then finished my doctoral site selection designing. City line during insulation just about the full costs of constructing your own log cabin Notches Beginners…. But training is required analysis estimates the cost of your cabin you get.... Cheaper to use and treat your own wood and geographic surveyor comment the... Could cost $ 2,400 for the foundation, hence there was less waste off-site.